Hoshiarpur is a small and a quiet town in the Doaba region of Punjab. Located in the lap of the Shiwalik range, it is considered to be the greenest of the districts within the state. A large number of people from this region have settled abroad. Their remittances have in turn helped the area to prosper, making it arguably one of the most prosperous in Punjab.

The handicrafts from Hoshiarpur too are very popular and are exported to various countries.

Another well known aspect of Hoshiarpur are its world-renowned astrologers. The Bhrigu Pandits have been working to predict people's future based on the script of Bhrigu Sanghita for generations.

The closest international airports are at Amritsar and New Delhi. The closest domestic airports are at Amritsar and Chandigarh.

The closest train stations are at Phagwara, Chandigarh and Jallandhar.

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