Attractions in Punjab
Amritsar - around a 125 km day trip - Amritsar is known as the Mecca of the Sikhs. The Golden Temple was founded by Guru Ramdas the 4th guru of the Sikhs in the year 1579 and completed by the 5th guru Arjun Dev who also enshrined in it the holy book of Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib. Amritsar is also known for its food and hospitality.

The Wagah border, the border with Pakistan is about 30 kms from the holy city and features a simultaneous retreat by the soldiers of both India and Pakistan at sundown. The retreat is worth watching for the theatrics of the entire operation.

One of the most awe inspiring structure of the ancient times, "The Moorish Mosque, Kapurthala City" in Punjab was erected by the royal King of the region "Jagatjit Singh" in 1930. The Moorish Mosque of the Kapurthala city is an architectural wonder of the by gone days of the golden era. The last King of the city Shri Jagatjit Singh had hired a French architect to construct the lavish building. Modeled after the Qutbiya Mosque of Marakesh in Moracco, the sprawling building of "The Moorish Mosque" is an important landmark of the ancient city of Kapurthala.

The Sheesh Mahal, Patiala was built behind the main Moti Bagh Palace to serve as a pleasure complex. The paintings in two of its well maintained, mirror-worked chambers are of Kangra and Rajasthani qalam, depicting the poetic visions of Keshav, Surdas and Bihari. The Sheesh Mahal now houses a museum an art gallery, and also the North Zone Cultural Centre, set up by a society to preserve art.